We connect businesses that can cooperate with you.


Improve sales in a network of companies.


To whom we address


  • To companies that produce drinks
  • To companies that use beverage
  • To companies that recycle aluminum cans
  • To multinationals operating in the beverage industry
  • To multinationals operating in the food sector sales
  • To small business owners seeking a new deal.
  • Restaurant chains
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Commercial Center
  • Plastic Recovery Company
  • Nicd Company
  • Association



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Project Owner:

Mr. Francesco Dell'Orto

Head Marketing Development

Mr. Davide Frigerio

Head Tecnical Development


Upclicling Project (IT-EN-RO)

Tel. +39-3486849986

Upclicling Project (IT-EN-TECNICAL) Tel.+39-3924919972


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