The plan is divided into specific steps and requires economic incentive to recycle and an immediate return for sales and image for Your company.


To encourage the recycling process, a discount coupon is issued, this coupon can be personalized to be applied to Your Brand’s to be bought again.


Incentive people to recycle


Rewarding Method Rewarding mechanism of our Eco-Compactor


✓ Customer: insert waste in compactor and the compactor issue the coupon or

money customer buys the new product with a discount


✓ Eco-compactor: select waste and collect separately waste will be sell with a

good price instead to be separated.


✓ Waste management: Sell waste. Find money for waste collected. Pay

customers bonus.


Manage advertising space up to the compactor. Eco-Compactors can be placed in the major collection centres, in high traffic areas and in the most densely populated neighbourhoods


The collection company reduces disposal costs, it can optimise the withdrawal operations (with the ability to remotely control the

machine) and it save on collection costs.


The Upcycling-Project mission is to improve life quality by motivating recycling activity in

communities, resulting in an improved environment.


With the Compactor technology, Upcycling-Project envisions a world where all individuals, families, corporations and governments

contribute to the collection and use of all recyclable materials.


In order to accomplish this, people need a system that allows them to conveniently deposit their recyclable goods.

For this reason, we developed our product, a line of reverse vending machine, which allows people to deposit their recyclable

aluminium cans, plastic bottles and glasses, battery, into the machine, in exchange money cash or for a ticket (or other electronic

support ‐ electronic key, Fidelity CARD), which can be redeemed for rewards and discounts at the local supermarket or at any other

affiliated business, based on the amount and type of recyclables deposited.

The Compactor Machine also serves as a highly‐targeted graphical and digital advertising medium for major companies.

Advertising partners can either choose to sponsor an entire individual machine, purchase an ad‐slot on the digital display, or sponsor a rewards program where consumers can redeem rewards for sponsors' goods and services.


Advertising Ethical Eco-Compactor:


• It offers no classic advertising space

• It interacts with the user

• address the user toward your advertising campaigns

• highlights the sustainable approach of the Company that buys it

• It allows an Increase of Your Sales

• allows a fast return on investment


Why to invest in our Project.


 3 billion residents generating 1.2 kg per person per day (1.3 billion tonnes per year). By 2025 this will likely increase to

4.3 billion urban residents generating about 1.42 kg/capita/day of municipal solid waste (2.2 billion tonnes per year)




In both rich and poor countries, the most of majority of our waste goes into landfills where it's (often) covered up.


 Every day garbage that is collected and selected is a great resource for company that produce plastic, metal and glass

and, use petrol, for their production whit high price.


 Collection of the Waste is an ethic and profitable business in every Country.


 Recycle of the Waste reduce CO2 emission and Water consume.


 We offer a Great Partnership and great results. Young staff and passion for Work.


 Return of your investment is guaranteed by placing our compactor in the most profitable places in all the world.


 Relevant percentage gain on garbage selling.


 Great Percentage gain on Advertising


 Step by Step investment


 Short Break Even Point


 You invest 18 months, and after the good results, you can invest again in our Project. Equity is available in 18 mouths

and it is possible to follow all the investment step by step.


 Local jobs increase.


 Low cost for collection thanks to our technology.


 It is possible to customize the Compactor appearance for every type of client or place.



Ask Us a detailed Business Plane


33% gain in 18 mouth











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