Research and Innovation for Company's packaging.

Make innovative your business Company whith a ethics soultion and

increase your Sales.



Our experience in the world of recycling enables your business company to increase your sales and be ethically correct.




We deal of research in marketing of Waste products and for recovery.


Best opportunity to show your power in the Ethical recycle World, to be You as part of the waste reduction and responsible use of human resources system.


We can Up your marcketing system and your high economic profits and make you a Ethics Business.


We have the technology that will change the future of waste.


We are researchers and developers of

Next-Generation Eco-Compactors.


We have developed a technology, that give wings to your company business, promote and increase sales in a easy mode and whitout any problem.


Our Eco-Compactors are internationally patented and have all the safety features.


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Head Project General Info Marketing Careers

Project Owner:

Mr. Francesco Dell'Orto

Head Marketing Development

Mr. Davide Frigerio

Head Tecnical Development


Upclicling Project (IT-EN-RO) Tel. +39-3486849986

Upclicling Project (IT-EN-TECNICAL) Tel.+39-3924919972


Representative Office: