installation examples

Multimaterial Waste Collection

Structure Dimension


Max height 2100

width 2200

length 2200


The Eco-Compactor




Do you have a Restaurant Chain, Store Market?

Chain Commercial center? Or any other type of Business?

Do You want more publicity?

Do you like to be Ethical?

We have the Solution

Your Adverstising is more visible on an "Island"

All Our Island Is made of wood and 100% recyclable.

Island offer a bigger Adverstising space and is more visible by your Client.

Our Island will be built on your specifications.



Eco-Compactor "Island"

Aluminum Can & Plastic

We can offer a New Island module whit two tipe of waste recycling

Aluminum and plastic recycle.



Eco-Compactor "Island"

Plastic Module is optional

New Island module Pet, is Avaible just for Island model and need

Electric Pover 220/110 V

1.5 HP Motor

Whit or whitout color separation and optical color module

Contact As fore More Information About Plastic Module



Eco-Compactor "Island"

Collector Module

New Island module Collector, is Avaibile for


LiOn and Pb Domestic exaust battery



We want to colaborate with Not-Profit Asociation in all The World

Contact us for more details





Aluminium Collection


Our Eco-Compactor with clear reference to your product , can be customized at will (when requested) with the graphics and images according to Your specifications …


Your Brand, Your graphics, Your interactive advertising, Your promotional media.

Eco-compactor it can be personalized when requested.


Every Eco-Compactor can be personalized with Your logo and Your advertising description.


Our Eco-compactors has the shape of a large aluminium can, in this way You can use the same container to promote more products of Your Brand.


We can arrange this promotion by separating them on various Eco-Compactors or putting them all on the list of products that will receive the direct discount printed on the coupon by our machinery.


By negotiating with our manufacturers, in the perspective of a high exposure, we have achieved a very affordable price compared to all our competitors.


The Eco-Compactor, Basic model:

It can print a voucher which can be personalized with Your Brand and any other thing you would like to add.

Dimension & Optional


1. Wi-Fi Connection

2. Gps

3. Bar Code Reader

4. Alarm system

5. TFT LCD Display Touch Screen

6. UMTS - GSM Module

7. App dedicated


The aluminium can compactors of competing companies, besides the fact that they are standard machines with anonymous shape, they also require the constant electricity supply, they have prices up to 10 times higher than ours and have a lower modularity.


Therefore, why not faithfully reproduce Your aluminium cans in order to associate the virtuous action (of waste recycling) with the product that gives to the people an inimitable and fresh taste that has become needed by the consumers? From here this idea can becomes real only if the spreading of your brand becomes capillar.


The Eco-Compactors positioning becomes an element that can make the difference.


The advertising billboards, usually, have a function of visual appeal and association; a very direct message, which sometimes becomes less effective due to the contemporary presence of a variety of other advertising.


The Eco-Compactors can associate Your Brand with the visual impact, in the same way of an advertising billboard but they can also rely on other factors, the “human height” position pushes the user to pay more attention to the exposed message.


Furthermore (by the waste recycling action) it converts the advertising medium into action by interacting directly with the observer.


This approach associates the pull factor with the interest for novelty and then with to the ethic sense of the initiative and then thanks to the economic advantage it gently push the user of our Eco-Compactor to buy again.


Safety and technology of Eco-Compactor


Safety first, for the machine user, there is practically no risk of accident, the steps for compress the aluminium cans or the passages to insert them into the Eco-compactor are dictated by procedures that prevent manipulation and that minimize the occasional injury.


Indeed, if the internal sensors, doesn’t correctly read, they do not allow the machine functioning.


The materials used are durable and easy to clean, the accidental loss of fluid and odours is almost impossible. Withdrawals are made with well-established deadlines and the container for the aluminium cans can be replaced with other washed well.










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