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Upcycling project

We want to offer you a social project that will help to make your municipality closer to people in need.


The Social Market Hub is a place of free distribution of basic foodstuffs, products for personal and home hygiene together with other products or services through which:

• helping families and people who are in a situation of economic and/or social hardship;

• offer practical help to the monthly expenses through the possibility to collect free of charge mainly foodstuffs for basic necessities;

• offer direct interventions to families to help them deal with and circumscribe their situation of difficulty and to use their potential through the opportunity to participate in initiatives related to the social theme.

• sensitize public opinion regarding people in economic difficulty, stimulating the social solidarity network through volunteering and charity;

• contributing to the fight against food waste, encouraging the collection and redistribution of people in need, ecologically reducing waste and implementing the well-being of all citizens, promoting lifestyles that respect people and the environment..


The objectives of the project are of four types:

• Economic: distributing food and non-food products to families in difficulty means giving them concrete support;

• Ecological/environmental: a part of the donated products (food close to expiry or in excess, products and packages that have been slightly bankrupted, etc.) would still be largely destined to become waste, donating it means reduce waste volume;

• Educational: fosters a culture of non-waste, recovery and greater attention to sustainable lifestyles and consumption, to contribute socially and to create interpersonal relationships.

• Ethics: promotes actions that allow people to undertake a process of active construction of a new identity and to participate in a community project, which prevents and contrasts marginalization and waste.



Social Market Hub


Traces the style of a convenience store, with shelves full of goods.

Families with income problems, after an interview in which their economic conditions are verified or on parish reporting, obtain a points card, which is scaled at each expense made. Each card has a monthly number of points based on the composition of the family unit and/or poverty.

In fact, with the social market, users will accumulate a series of points based on the socially useful jobs carried out or based on the donations or sponsorships obtained, or simply with the programmatic supply of the municipality, and can spend the points accumulated within the Social Market. Hub, buying the goods that they need most.



Recipients and access requirements:


People and families living in the community can take advantage of the Social Market Hubs

Commonly, who is in a state of need and socio-economic discomfort and

in possession of the requirements established by the municipality itself (the elderly, citizens temporarily unable, etc.)

A programmer of magnetic cards with the relative cards will be handed over to the social service.

The Social Service inserts the name, the univocal code and the validity in the magnetic card, delivering it to the interested person.

The Social Market Hub will authorize the automatic entry to the person provided with a card, in this card, the duration of the authorization to entry will also be specified, and every citizen who accesses it will have full responsibility for the quantities and products that will be collected from Social Market Hub. However, being a self-service distribution, the quantities will be recorded.

It will also be recorded in and out movements thanks to the magnetic card, and everything will be controlled thanks to the cameras that will allow assessing if the person who goes to pick up the goods, exceeds the take possession of them at the expense of other people/users.


The cards can, in fact, be immediately revoked by the social services, and possibly sanctioned the incorrect behavior.

The points are to climb

The unused monthly points are not combinable with the points of the following months.

Monthly points cannot be used in one day.

Those who have exhausted the points of the card are not allowed access to the Social Market Hub.

The Social Market Hub being completely automatic, requires no staff except for regular cleaning and refueling of goods.

The points provided by the social service, based on family and personal needs, can also be awarded depending on the services performed at a social level, just think that there are elderly and destitute people, who can not go directly to the social market, and that would be helped by other people in difficulty, to have the products at home with a home service.

This option would also help the integration between people, and would increase the civic sense of all involved parties.

Anyone who has access to the Social Hub will have to communicate to the Social Service the periods of absence of their family members so that such absences can be assessed to gain access for other people in difficulty or limit waste.


Food Basket:


The Social Market Hub will guarantee the presence of the following basic necessities: pasta, rice, canned tomatoes, oil, sugar, legumes, biscuits, milk, flour, tuna.

The value of the goods is equated to a points value. The food will be divided according to the equivalent score in distinct areas.

The points value of the goods is attributed by the Social Market Hub and by the association that manages it for the supply or by the municipality itself, in a discretionary way keeping an eye on stockpile, donations and expiration dates.

For these reasons, some products will have to be contingent in order to prevent their looting or resale.

These genres will be placed in special vending machines where, with the insertion of the card, these products will be delivered.

It is the task of the associations or of the municipality to orientate the food collections and the donations in such a way that the above products are present.

At the Social Market Hub, there will be an external distributor for the supply of purified water, which will be available to all citizens, and the provision of this water will be paid, the proceeds, costs subtracted, can be reinvested for the purchase of other foodstuffs for the Social Market Hub.

This will also make possible to reduce the amount of circulating solid urban and plastic waste and the inhabitants of the area will be able to keep clean, reduce their cost per purchase of water, and reduce waste.

They will also contribute to a good social cause.

Outside the Social Hub, there will always be a container for the collection of used clothing, and a receiver of notes and coins, which will be useful for all those who want to contribute with a free offer to the maintenance of this important and useful social initiative.


What we need to do this project:


An area that can be easily reached, even on foot, and/or with parking space for cars, a water connection and a connection to the electricity grid.

We can possibly reduce maintenance costs by installing photovoltaic panels.


The collaboration of the municipality and social services, a good advertising campaign and the involvement of local associations.


It's Essential to have links are with small and large food producers, farmers, supermarket chains etc.

To convince them to donate the products, it is possible to dedicate an external space to the Social Market Hub, where to place their advertisements for free.